Beacon Tire and Service Center

Cooper Discoverer S/t-c

Premium All-purpose Light Truck traction tire.


  • Deep tread and scalloped shoulder design
  • Large, beefy tread elements
  • Cut and chip resistant tread compound
  • Optimized tread profile
  • Beveled treadblock edges
  • Staggered tread elements
  • Self cleaning tread features holes for metal traction studs
  • Cooper Passenger & Light Truck Tire Limited Warranty


  • Maximizes traction in soft surfaces
  • Designed for off-road applications while providing long, even wear in highway applications
  • Provides increased resistance to cutting, chipping, and tearing commonly found in rocky off-road and gravel conditions
  • Distributes contact evenly across the tread for balanced wear
  • Fights irregular wear and improves self-cleaning capabilities
  • Breaks up harmonic pitch, significantly reducing tire noise


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