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Mastercraft Courser AXT (lt)

All-Season All-Terrain Passenger Light Truck tire.


  • Aggressive 5-rib, all-terrain tread design
  • Paired intermediate tread elements
  • Stone ejector ribs
  • Asymmetric angles on tread block walls
  • Ramped center tread element walls
  • Wide, zig-zag circumferential grooves
  • Stepped corners in circumferential grooves
  • Aggressive buttress/shoulder design
  • Tough shoulder design
  • 50,000 / 80,000 km Treadwear Mileage Warranty (Mileage Warranty applies to Passenger and Light Truck lines)


  • Designed to tackle tough off-road terrains while providing superior on-road performance and handling
  • Helps reduce stone retention by pushing gravel towards the wide, circumferential grooves for easy release
  • Help reduce stone retention that can lead to tire damage caused by stone drilling
  • Reduce the chance of stone retention by easily releasing stones
  • Create an asymmetric design in the groove walls to reduce the chance of stone retention
  • Provides increased soft surface traction
  • Significantly reduces the the chance of stones lodging in groove corners
  • Provides the tire with an aggressive look and increases the off-road traction of the tire
  • Provide extra abrasion resistance when in rough off-road environments


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